April 22

Big idea-Energy

Our way of life depends on energy created from burning coal, oil and gas (fossil fuels). Most energy comes from burning coal in power stations. They create electricity to power industry, homes and schools. Petrol and oil power cars, trucks and planes. When we burn these fossil fuels we release Carbon that was buried in the ground for millions of years. It drifts around in our atmosphere for hundreds of years trapping heat. Oil is made into many products. There are more than 500,000 products made from oil. Our entire food production system from fertilizer to transport depends on oil.

Cool Australia Presents Energy from Cool Australia on Vimeo.

March 20

my 2nd 106 word Challenge

this may be violent!!!!!!!!!




part 1

I woke up one morning and but when he lifted the lid there was a mob and it was a changing creeper I was in shock.

Then I walk down stairs and then I hopped in the monster truck that it took me 24hours to build I used the harpoon gun to shoot the gast that came out of nowhere I got 20 beds and they were bunk beds I slept in the top bed in the back.

Sorry I didn’t tell you my name is tarko and I rally’s in my backyard and it uses coal to move and the sand goes crazily fast fun!!!!!!